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 Ice Block Machine
 Industrial Chillers(Water Cooled)
 Industrial Chillers(Air Cooled)
 Plating bath cooling Chillers
 Extrusion coating Chillers
 Extruder Chillers
 Injection Chillers
 Leather Chillers
 Plastic Forming Chillers
 Chemical Chillers
 Injection Chillers
 Pu shoe Chillers
 Blown Film Machine Chillers
 Screw Style Chillers
 Mobile freezer Chillers
 Freeze Dryer Concept Chillers
 Cooling Tower

SHUANG FENG Refrigeration Equipment Manufactrue Co., Ltd.
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Sany heavy industry in Hunan
Wenzhou light Pacific Ltd.
Wenzhou City crown Washington Automotive Component Manufacturers Ltd.
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Shanxi Yuncheng lithographic company
Nanyang Holdings Limited distribution
Xi 'an Valve Plant
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Universal Valve Co. Ltd. Oubei
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Po Yip leather Jiangsu Ltd.
Sumit special industrial city of Shangrao in Jiangxi
Zhejiang day Electric Ltd. Fuzhou Kashi Holdings Ltd.
Zhejiang sharp Carbide Ltd.
South China Investment Co. Ltd.
Ryan Fenghua City Chemical Company
Zhejiang Pentium Electric Co. Ltd.
Ryan city wall commutator Ltd.
Ryan Tin Shui medicine Ltd.
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