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 Product Name:  Screw Style Chillers Mode:  
  SFS-xxS series central cold water system host used German BITZER semi-hermetic screw compressors have outstanding technical characteristics into single compressor and two-compressor models.Is applicable to R22,R407,R134a and other refrigerant.High efficiency horizontal shell and tube condenser and evaporator have "BR1" state permission to create pressure vessel,heat stability and maintenance convenience.Advanced micro-computer controller,a powerful,high-speed embedded microprocessor performance is much higher than similar products used in the single-chip machine.

1.Germany semi-hermetic screw compressors,bearings longevity will ensure long-term operation;
2.Double-conditioning compressor energy,follow customer demand made adjustments to achieve energy saving effect.
3.Condenser and evaporator meet national needs,the highly effcient heat exchanger performance,and maintenance convenience.
4.Controller dilate in good condition and can facilitate the expansion and upgrading of hardware and procedures;
5.Watchdog technology to the micro-computer controller hardware components with self-diagnostic capabilities,automated troubleshooting;
6.Equipped with the high stability of memory,storage capacity of 512K procedures Interfacing to the power outages and maintain data capacity,and also a substantial loss of data storage;
7.Screen Protection System,which allows for a unique auditorium screen life span of 10 years or more.
8.Inquiries can be functional fault and fault statistics serial number,the number of failures occurred and to analyze the causes for failure to be improved;
9.Actual temperature and can be done at any time to check points set changes,in addition to an hour and a one-day show on the temperature curve;
10.Machine with remote control switches can be realized by a timer switch planes and weekly machine timer switch applications.Switching planes can be set up 3 per day;
11.Switching to support multiple languages online.

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